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Councils warn that lack of funds is threatening the Care Act Update for benefit sanctions process Young people should not be placed in B&Bs says MPs Breakthrough blood test for Alzheimer's cure
Funding concerns raised over social care reforms Proposed cap on child benefit to cut welfare spending Special measures system designed to improve failing care homes Trials for Alzheimer's disease is declining
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Charities say use their expertise to improve work programme's ‘poor performance' Social landlord supporting families in need 7.8% decrease in housing funds for councils Bedroom tax statistics questioned by Iain Duncan Smith
Over 870,000 people in Scotland are living in poverty Call for less council tax for community volunteers Council pledges to support people with vulnerabilities following government cuts Iain Duncan Smith says welfare reform must continue
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Statistics show 1 million working people are relying on housing benefit Housing association helps the environment and homeless at the same time Social housing tenants to pay rent via Facebook New tenant rules for universal credit
Torbay Council rejects emergency payments for housing benefit claimants The Social Sector Need to Embrace Social Media Social Media, Organisations and Vulnerable Adults Staff costs for universal credit ‘unsustainable'
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‘Fit for work' assessments for people with disabilities labelled flawed by MPs 20% increase in reports of domestic abuse sees one housing association launch its own campaign Homelessness message spread via pillows NHS mental health services 'dangerously close to collapse' due to funding cuts
New report calls for more homes suitable for people with disabilities Government said to be ‘turning its back' on domestic violence victims A new service supporting homeless people has launched in Leicester No treatment for two-thirds of Britons with depression
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Offenders placed in prison for a day in a bid to cut re-offending A third of older people are not receiving the care they need Delays in the asylum system leaving many refugees homeless Closure of London substance misuse clinic
Inspection finds offenders with learning disabilities are not being supported New project helping older people remain independent in their homes MPs criticise asylum housing scheme management Young people being treated for substance abuse

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  • Department of Health to fund homelessness scheme

    "Simply providing accommodation is not enough to prevent homelessness, and it is vital that vulnerable people can access a range of support and lead independent lives."

    Young homeless people are soon to find accommodation in sheltered housing schemes and unused hostels. It has been announced that the Department of Health (DoH) is to fund £40m towards two projects which will provide accommodation for young youths. The Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) have announced they will fund £1.5m to this scheme along with the DoH, totalling £41.5m.

    The total of £41.5 million will be shared between 'Homelessness Change' and 'Platform for Life'-

    21st of August 2014
  • Posted Thursday, August 21st, 2014 by Emily Wightman

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