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Experts believe dementia patients face ‘care tax' Proposed benefit rule labelled ‘worse than poor law' End of life patients are lacking support A paralysed man has been able to walk again following cell transplant
Councils warn that lack of funds is threatening the Care Act Update for benefit sanctions process Young people should not be placed in B&Bs says MPs Breakthrough blood test for Alzheimer's cure
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Charities say use their expertise to improve work programme's ‘poor performance' Social landlord's funding for project to support struggling families Supported housing service for women and their children has received funding for community garden First reading passed for bedroom tax carer bill
Over 870,000 people in Scotland are living in poverty £60m community investment project by social landlord Social landlords urged to make do without grants UK welfare reforms attacked by Scottish minister
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Government plan to offer cheap lending for housing for older people Could Twitter's new feature make the platform more accessible for people with vulnerabilities? Social housing tenants to pay rent via Facebook Housing association prepares tenants for change to benefits
Income divide widened by social housing tenant's debt The Social Sector Need to Embrace Social Media Social housing tenants to pay rent via Facebook Universal credit flaws exposed by social housing tenants
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Police overlook disability hate crime Mobile phone company collecting smartphones to help victims of domestic violence Charity reveals homeless do need night shelters Former coroner says mental health units are "starved of resources"
‘Fit for work' assessments for people with disabilities labelled flawed by MPs Lawyers warn that victims of domestic violence are forced to face abusers in court Single homeless people turned away from housing help Mental health care for new mothers is costing £ 8bn due to poor care
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Family homes are needed to help offenders re-offending Millions of older people living in poverty Delays in the asylum system leaving many refugees homeless Closure of London substance misuse clinic
Ex-offenders ‘lacking home and job' Sheltered housing scheme residents answer emergency telecare calls MPs criticise asylum housing scheme management Young people being treated for substance abuse

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  • Could Twitter's new feature make the platform more accessible for people with vulnerabilities?

    Twitter has announced a new feature called Audio Card which will allow you to discover and listen to audio directly through your timeline on mobile devices. 

    The new Audio Card has been launched in partnership with SoundCloud and allows you to listen to music and podcasts through, and whilst on, the Twitter app.

    There is a list of SoundCloud partners in which you can listen to audio content through the app on Twittersblog.

    21st of October 2014
  • Posted Tuesday, October 21st, 2014 by Laura Matthews

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