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Support for tenants in sheltered housing on accommodation and tenancy due to new Wellbeing Service Unemployed will have to take ‘basic steps' before receiving unemployment benefits £50m scheme sees GP's offering out of hours appointments and Skype check-ups Study into Bilateral Cochlear implants to take place
New health and social care plan in Lancashire Benefit claimants' credit records can be accessed by bailiffs £5bn integration funding for health and social care Scientists believe a blood test could detect the early signs of Alzheimer's
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Over 870,000 people in Scotland are living in poverty Apprentice offers help to homeless Council urges government not to pull ‘safety net' that protects those with vulnerabilities Financial worries for social housing tenants
Housing group and youth homeless charity join forces Housing association will recruit 150 tenants over the next three years Extra funding to help residents with mental health problems Court fees for rent arrears eviction cases set to increase by 150%
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Social landlord sees arrears drop thanks to bedroom tax preparations Housing association helps the environment and homeless at the same time A new project has been launched to help homeless families in Hackney Confusion by universal credit means landlords stop renting to welfare recipients
Chairman reveals how bedroom tax savings will be used Housing association helps the environment and homeless at the same time Social Media, Organisations and Vulnerable Adults Committee of MPs accuse the government of "hampering" its scrutiny of Universal Credit
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Report finds disabled people pay a penalty on everyday costs Over 40% of domestic violence victims are male Success for scheme helping the homeless in Glasgow Young people refused access to mental health facilities
Welfare reforms to disability benefits defended by Iain Duncan Smith Wrong treatment of victims of domestic violence: Amanda's Story One local authority has set out a plan to eradicate homelessness by 2018 Mental health boss says suffers will get improved care
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Inspection finds offenders with learning disabilities are not being supported Health service ombudsman says older people are suffering in silence in NHS care Asylum Seekers let down by G4S Legal highs summit to be held by government
Campaigner says the reorganisation of rehabilitation will not cut reoffending New service to prevent older people feeling socially isolated Consistent Problems for Detainees OECD: Antidepressant use on the rise

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  • Young people refused access to mental health facilities

    Figures show young people suffering with mental health issues are being forced into police custody as a result of NHS "places of safety" banning under sixteen's in the UK.

    The Care Quality Commission has found that 56 out of 161 facilities, which includes hospitals, will not admit people under the age of sixteen and half of them ban under seventeens. The watchdog has said a worrying number of young people now end up in police cells, reports theBBC.

    The CQC has said that people who suffer a mental health crisis in a public place should be taken to a place of safety to have their needs assessed, whether it is a specialist mental health hospital or an emergency department at a general hospital. However the reports found that many places do not accept under sixteens and some facilities in England do not accept under eighteens.

    17th of April 2014
  • Posted Thursday, April 17th, 2014 by Laura Matthews

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