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Campaigners want free end-of-life social care Update for benefit sanctions process Young people should not be placed in B&Bs says MPs Breakthrough blood test for Alzheimer's cure
Complaints rise about Northern Ireland health and social care Proposed cap on child benefit to cut welfare spending Special measures system designed to improve failing care homes Trials for Alzheimer's disease is declining
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Over 870,000 people in Scotland are living in poverty Supported housing provider joins forces with foodbank Veterans support organisations welcome new funding for ‘Pathway' Rural communities hit hardest by bedroom tax says campaigners
Housing group and youth homeless charity join forces Apprentice offers help to homeless Councils in England could face £5.8bn shortfall Concern of lenders revealed in bedroom tax report
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Tenant rating system could help people with vulnerabilities find accommodation Housing association helps the environment and homeless at the same time Facebook allows you experience dementia with new app 6,000 are claiming universal credit
Report shows the impact of the bedroom tax A new project has been launched to help homeless families in Hackney Social Media, Organisations and Vulnerable Adults Universal credit ‘deception' denied by Duncan Smith
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‘Fit for work' assessments for people with disabilities labelled flawed by MPs Convictions of domestic violence at record high A rise in homelessness prevention by councils Mental health treated as ‘second class service' by the NHS
New report calls for more homes suitable for people with disabilities New powers to support domestic violence victims in Cornwall and Devon 30% of calls unanswered at homelessness charity Police tackle mental health patients detained in cells
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Offenders placed in prison for a day in a bid to cut re-offending Sheltered housing group increases age criteria to entice older people Delays in the asylum system leaving many refugees homeless Closure of London substance misuse clinic
Inspection finds offenders with learning disabilities are not being supported New scheme helps older people feels connected with their family MPs criticise asylum housing scheme management Young people being treated for substance abuse

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  • Tenant rating system could help people with vulnerabilities find accommodation

    The National Landlords Association believe that by granting prospective tenants with a rating of green, amber or red depending on their behaviour, landlords will be more willing to provide the tenant with support.

    They believe that this would make landlords more confident in letting their properties to people who have vulnerabilities. The suggestion is based upon a scheme by Hartlepool Council so that people with vulnerabilities who have been unable to get landlord references after they have left prison or been homeless get a chance of finding a property, reportsInside Housing.

    The Hartlepool scheme has been in place since 2008 and now the NLA is calling for more councils to adopt a similar approach due to the Localism Act 2011 allowing council to discharge their homeless duty into the private rented sector.

    25th of July 2014
  • Posted Friday, July 25th, 2014 by Laura Matthews

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