Funding & Property

Funding & Property for Supported Housing

Support Solutions has a lengthy record of  success in securing revenue for nonprofit providers of housing support and social care.

More recently we have become involved in brokering private capital investment for new and existing supported housing, acquiring property and/or land for supported housing and ensuring it has sufficient levels of revenue going forward.

Do you need property and/or capital and viable revenue?

The UK Government has often said it wants to see the development of much more supported housing, especially for people with enduring and/or complex needs. It hasn't, however, committed to public capital investment in order to fund it. Instead it's had a dialogue with pension funds and others around capital investment for supported housing.

Support Solutions has the relationships with the housing associations, charities, nonprofits and private agencies that provide services to people with additional needs. We know the capital funders. We can identify, acquire and develop property and land for supported housing use. We undertake "rent tests" to ensure that it's viable as supported housing.

Non-housing association providers then typically operate the supported housing on the basis of a Management Agreement with a specialist housing association. 

As a provider organisation you're not charged for anything. This should also be of interest to NHS, social care and other commissioners of services for people with additional needs, especially where such needs are complex and/or enduring.

For more information please call our office and ask to speak to Michael Patterson or Danny Key.

Responding to the DWP Consultation:  Housing Benefit Reform - Supported Housing "Sincere thanks to Michael Patterson for an excellent presentation on the HB Reform issues in Leeds last week, and for all the very helpful info and links. I do intend to respond on behalf of our organisation, Caring For Life, but feel that Support Solutions' response is excellent." E.S. - Caring for Life


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