training_300_01.jpgSupport Solutions has pioneered a unique approach to training, briefing and learning & development within the housing support and social care sector. We have an excellent reputation for the quality of what we do and we are in significant demand to provide in-house training and to speak at external conferences and other events for Housing Benefit Teams, Commissioners and Providers of housing support and social care.


Support Solutions 2014 Training Events

Most HALF DAY events are only £35 per delegate. We have a commitment to high quality & low cost. Watch this space for more events.

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Using Social Media To Work With People With Additional Needs

A Series of Half-Day Briefings to Explore the Use of Social Media by Social Organisations as a Means of Working With & Empowering People With Additional Needs, 

PM Sessions Only (But why not also attend our AM events on Tenancy Sustainment, Welfare Reform, Exempt & Specified Accommodation & Intensive Housing Management?)

September 2014: £35 (inc VAT) only.

Support Solutions and our sister company The Media Bubble have undertaken a great deal of published and other research on the nature and extent of social media usage within social organisations. We have identified that our sector can use social media as an innovative, effective and very inexpensive way of engaging with people who can be "hard to reach" for a whole variety of reasons.

Have you ever thought of using social media:

  • As a means of working with people who use your services?
  • Or as a means of engaging your staff?
  • Or as a means of raising your profile?
  • Or as a means of supporting a fundraising campaign?

Support Solutions undertook the most comprehensive survey in the UK so far on the nature and use of social media by social organisations in the UK. The results show that the sector, with some notable exceptions, has not caught on to the benefits of using social media. In fact, it shows we're rather cautious about it! So we formed The Media Bubble as a means of enabling the sector to understand and use social media for social purposes.

We understand peoples' concerns about confidentiality, safeguarding and organisational reputation and we can allay those concerns. Social media gives the unheard a voice and the under-resourced and overworked a powerful new way of working - and it's virtually free. We wrote a Briefing about it, which you can read here. We've also produced a YouTube video about using social media in social organisations here.

Social Media is an effective way of communicating, empowering, engaging and working with people who find "traditional" means of communication and involvement to be a problem. This could be because they have written or verbal communication problems, because they are unable or unwilling to engage by other means, because they positively like social media, because they are hard to reach by other means.

Social media has a platform for many, many different needs groups: for example, people who don't use words can use visual means to express themselves, communicate and get involved. Social media can be used to create safe communities and groups. 

But it doesn't stop there: social organisations can (and should) use social media to engage staff, raise profile, network, fundraise and project their identities - the possibilities are endless!

Come and learn about how social media can help you, your organisation and the people you work with and for.

Our training and briefing events are designed to make a positive and significant difference to you and your organisation. They are always well-informed and are delivered in an engaging and thought-provoking style. We provide a great deal of high quality material for ongoing learning after the events have finished, which is just one of the factors that sets us apart from others.

We put a great deal of thought into the delivery of every event we run: the venue, the catering, the layout of the room, the resources we provide, the numbers of people attending, differing learning styles, opportunities for participation and costs.

We make a distinction between Briefing Events and Training Events so that delegates know what to expect when they book. We provide both in-house and open events. We have focused on the need to keep costs very low and the quality very high. The feedback we get attests to the success of that strategy. Many people and organisations which provide training to housing support and social care providers have cut back on their training activity. We have increased the number of learning events we run and reduced our charges.

We train in excess of 2500 people every year. We reflect the interests that housing support and social care agencies have.



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