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The Future Funding Of Supported Housing: Responding To The Consultation

"The Future Funding of Supported Housing: Responding to the Consultation"

A series of half-day Briefing events across England

The UK Government Consultation on the future funding model for supported housing mostly applies to England. Only Part V (short-term services funding) having UK-wide applicability. It would be difficult to justify a half-day paid event on a single consultation question; however, we'd be very pleased to participate in events organised by national agencies in Scotland and Wales.

We are witnessing the most fundamental change to the funding and the role of supported housing in its history, more fundamental than Supporting People given the changing paradigm within which we operate. But we need to do more than witness it; we have to influence, inform and shape the changes that are to come. The future has challenges but it also has major opportunities for people involved in supported housing.

These events will describe and contextualise the changes to the funding, commissioning and widening role of supported housing going forward. They will identify the likely transitional arrangements and key features of the likely new operating and funding environment, they will explore the Consultation questions as reflections of UK Government policy intent and will identify a coherent response that looks forward to new roles for providers of supported housing.

These half-day Briefing events are priced at only £40 + VAT and will book up fast!

The content & outcomes will include:

  • The wider context & background to the Consultation.
  • What does the Consultation say?
  • The funding position for supported housing from now until 2019/20, including transition.
  • What will the new funding and commissioning mechanisms look like?
  • Proving the social and financial value of what we do.
  • What are the likely future roles of supported housing providers?
  • How should we respond to the Consultation?

Our training and briefing events are designed to make a positive and significant difference to you and your organisation. They are always well-informed and are delivered in an engaging and thought-provoking style. 

We put a great deal of thought into the delivery of every event we run: the venue, the catering, the layout of the room, the resources we provide, the numbers of people attending, differing learning styles, opportunities for participation and costs.

We make a distinction between Briefing Events and Training Events so that delegates know what to expect when they book. We provide both in-house and open events. We have focused on the need to keep costs very low and the quality very high. The feedback we get attests to the success of that strategy. 

Responding to the DWP Consultation:  Housing Benefit Reform - Supported Housing "I found the event informative and timely it helped me to complete our response to DWP without which I would have struggled." S.S. - Safe House


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