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    A care provider’s service to guide tenants with vulnerabilities through the chances bedroom tax and welfare reforms presents has seen over 100 bedroom tax exemptions. Teamwork 2

    A welfare project devised by care provider Blackwood has seen a specialist team help, support and advise tenants on how to cope with the changes brought on my reforms, bedroom tax and universal credit.

    A spokesperson for Blackwood said: “We set up the project to help people work out all the different changes and we sat down with the tenants and helped them to fill in the forms. It has been a nightmare for them.”

    Over the past year the care and housing provider has won 139 bedroom tax exemptions for its tenants. All of these tenants have disabilities ranging from physical and learning disabilities to mental health issues, reports the Guardian.

    Since the launch of the support team 286 households have been identified to have been affected by the bedroom tax.  They have found that many of their tenants live in homes adapted for their disables and fear the suffering and cost of having to move due to bedroom tax.

    Katrina Hamilton, Blackwood’s east regional manager, said: “The prospect of having to move into a smaller property can be extremely distressing for some of our tenants, because the adaptations in their existing homes are what enable them to live independently. With so many changes made to the welfare system we understand how difficult it is to keep on top of it all and we know this is a source of worry for many people. We listen carefully to the people who live in our properties and it is clear many of them are extremely anxious about what these reforms mean for them.”

    Through their welfare project scheme, Blackwood has been able to help 68 tenants who claim housing benefits receive extra discretionary housing payments, which will cover the shortfall caused by bedroom tax.

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    April 01, 2014 by Laura Matthews Categories: Government And Reforms

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