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    Social media provides an in-the-moment and speedy way to convey and channel information across Twitter, Facebook, and various other social media platforms.


    A social media schedule enables you to share real-time updates.

    Planning content on social media allows you to have flexibility to you social organisation’s schedule and enables opportunities for you to share real-time updates and have real-engagement with your users.

    The following are five benefits for planning content ahead of time for your social organisation:

    1) Consistency – You need to maintain consistency in terms of publishing, so it can help your users to know when they should expect new content from you. Keeping a consistent schedule ensures you to maximise engagement without having stretches of time when you are inactive or not updating.

    2) Plan time-sensitive content – Planning time-sensitive content such as events and holidays, or making announcements about your organisation can be planned ahead of time using a calendar.

    3) Involve others – Planning ahead allows for others to become involved in the process as a team instead of one or two social media managers.

    4) Have records – A system of records enables you to have something that you can refer back to when you need to do so. You can track back on all of the updates that you posted and can review how and what your posts changed to over a period of time.

    5) Healthy sharing ratio – Ensure a good balance and mix of the content that you share; entertaining, educational, informal or informative for different types of topics. Keep your users in mind when you update your posts and relate it back to their interests.

    You can read about these benefits in more detail here.

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    This blog post has been written by our sister company The Media Bubble who specialise in social media for the social sector.

    December 23, 2014 by Shumila Begum Categories: Social Media For The Sector

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