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    The Nationwide Foundation are offering grants and social investment loans totalling £725,000 to organisations and registered charities.

    The money from the charity is to restore empty homes for people in need, to bring homes back in to use to help people in need.

     The Nationwide Foundation, backed by the UK building society, is offering the grants and loans to financially stable projects that will be turning empty properties into safe, decent homes for people in need.

    Despite the current lack of housing stock, the UK has around 300,000 long term empty homes and many more commercial properties that could be used as homes.

    The charity will be offering the money in amounts between £15,000 and £140,000, which can be used for refurbishment, core costs for organisations bringing homes back into use for people in need, and legal and other costs associated with buying properties.

    Organisations must be financially sustainable, supporting employment, and promoting environmentally friendly practices, and will also be expected to contribute funding from their own reserves or other sources.

    Organisations bringing empty properties into use for people in need with priority given to schemes including one or more of the following:

    • Projects which are financially sustainable, or which are working towards financial sustainability
    • Projects incorporating training for NEETS and others who are out of work or low skilled
    • Live/work schemes
    • Environmentally friendly practices
    • Asset transfer

    Funding is not available for individuals or statutory organisations. Before completing your application please read the Application Guidelines and Information.

    Click here to access the application form.

    Closing date for applications 30 June 2013.



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