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    A report has found that young people are finding the transition from supported housing to independent living very difficult.  

    The YMCA surveyed 300 residents for the report, and found that more than half of the residents in supported accommodation felt ready to move out but felt stuck as they could not due to the lack of suitable housing to move into, Inside Housing reports.

    80% of the residents mentioned they were worried about finding somewhere to live when they moved out of supported housing accommodation. Due to this, the ‘newly homeless’ are affected as well as there are ‘limited opportunities’ for supported accommodation.

    Many residents also said that a lack of housing was likely to delay them leaving supported housing. More than three quarters of the residents said that they were not able to afford a deposit and this would also delay them moving on.

    The YMCA report calls on the government to create a nationwide ‘help to rent’ scheme to support people in supported housing move on to independent living.

    It also asks that vulnerable individuals should not be deprived of help as soon as they move out of supported housing but gradually reduce their support.

    This was because more than half of the residents who were surveyed thought they would need extra support after leaving supported housing. Two thirds stated that they would need assistance in receiving benefits and managing their money. And just under half stated they would need help to deal with their feelings of loneliness.

    Chief Executive of YMCA England, Denise Hatton stated, ‘Supported accommodation is a step in an individual’s journey to independence but those ready to leave are increasingly facing a cliff edge.

    ‘The rising cost and declining availability of housing, as well as the welfare reforms and local cuts to services in England all mean the options for those ready to leave supported accommodation are becoming even more limited.

    ‘Without the offer of greater help to rent, thousands in supported accommodation are going to continue to find their transition to independence delayed until further notice’. 

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    January 20, 2015 by Shumila Begum Categories: Housing And Benefits

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