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    The leading charity for combating abuse in older people is launching a manifesto calling on political parties to remember the vulnerable older people in society and to do more the protect them.

    Action on Elder Abuse has been campaign against the abuse of older people for over 20 years and says that too many older people are still being abused by carers or relatives and that millions of pounds are stolen from them every year, reports Care Home. 

    Chairman of the charity’s trustees, Dr John Beer, says: “It’s unbelievable that in a civilised society elderly people are left dehydrated or soaked in urine in care homes and hospitals, that their worldly possessions are stolen by people they love and trust; we must do more to prevent this – please insist that the party you vote for must pledge to make preventing elder abuse a high priority in tangible and specified ways. For years, the abuse of older people has been covered up, ignored and marginalised, with greater protection often given to our pets than to older relatives or friends. Action on Elder Abuse has been campaigning for more than two decades to fight this abuse, and tackle a problem that is a major blight on our society. As the political parties gear up for what’s expected to be a very close general election, we challenge them to join us in standing up for all those older victims who still have no voice, and who often suffer in silence… what we have called ‘The Silent Scream’.”

    To read the main points of the manifesto, click here.

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    April 02, 2015 by Laura Matthews Categories: Older People

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