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    Research has found that the “vast majority” of local authorities have fewer than ten unemployed Eastern European nationals affected by the removal of housing benefit. Money Notes 2

    A survey by the Department for Work and Pensions into the impact of the government’s decision to withdraw housing benefit from Eastern European jobseekers has found that very few were claiming it in the first place, reports 24dash.

    The figures help to dispel the myth that Eastern European migrants are a key factor behind the UK’s £160 billion annual benefits bill. 

    The survey reports: “The survey found that more than seven in ten (72%) of LAs have affected EEA jobseekers. The vast majority of LAs that do have EEA jobseekers tend only to have a few of them (between one and 10). In addition, over half (54%) have families of affected EEA jobseekers (with children), and about a third (35%) have other vulnerable/difficult cases amongst their affected EEA jobseekers. This pattern of number of cases is similar for the numbers of families of affected EEA jobseekers and other vulnerable or difficult cases. Many authorities (46%) have no families of EEA jobseekers, with those who do typically having between one and 10 cases (41%) rather than 10 or more (12%). The figures for other vulnerable or difficult cases are 65% with no cases, 30% with one to 10 cases and 5% with 11 or more. It should be noted that these figures are representative of those authorities responding to the survey, with response rates from some regions higher than others. The greatest response was from the East of England (52%), while the lowest response rate was in Wales (26%).”

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    November 21, 2014 by Laura Matthews Categories: Housing And Benefits

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