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    A report by the Joint King’s Fund and Nuffield Trust found that despite more people needing help, the number of over-65s helped by councils had fallen by a quarter in the four years to 2014, because of the ageing population

    According to the report:

    • There had been a rise in those left without support, while others now had to pay for their care
    • The cuts by councils were a risk to the future of the market
    • Providers had walked away from council contracts in 59 local authority areas
    • Ministers needed to reform the system or be honest with the public that government funded care was extremely limited

    After carrying out interviews with people working in the service and being cared for, as well as analysing existing data during their review, Think tank found:

    • A fall in the number of people getting help from their council- 26% to 850,000 in the four years to 2014
    • A fall in spending on care by councils- 25% in the five years to 2015, to £5.1bn
    • More than 40% of money paid to care homes came from those paying for themselves
    • One million people with care needs receive no help- a rise of 10% in a year
    • More money from the NHS and increased contributions from people had increased to £7.2bn and represented a cut of 9%

    BBC News reports that:

    “A £5bn pot of money has been set aside to encourage joint work between the NHS and care sector, with an additional £1.5bn  being added to that by 2019, and councils have been allowed to increase council tax by 2% a year to invest in care services.”

    An official from the Department of Health also said:

    “We understand that the social care system is under pressure, and this government is committed to ensuring those in old age throughout the country can get affordable and dignified care.”

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    September 15, 2016 by Abimbola Duro-David Categories: Care And Support

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