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    A learning disability code is soon to be been launched to help good learning disability providers get better and stop commissioners from choosing poor provision.

    Alicia Wood, chief executive of the Housing and Support Alliance, says she has spent the best part of a year working on a code for providers of learning disability services to sign up to as part of the government’s programmes to transform support in the wake of Winterbourne View. The Driving Up Quality Code which was will be launched on Wednesday by care minister Norman Lamb commits providers to addressing fundamental cultural issues in their organisations and being honest and transparent on how well they are supporting people.

    This work has brought together provider organisations from many different sectors and gets them to take responsibility for the very real problems of quality and culture that we have in this sector.

    The Driving Up Quality Code is able to help fundamentally good organisations become better and begin to address some of the problems that stop them from supporting people with learning disabilities and challenging behaviour well.

    With Mr Lamb speaking of ‘naming and shaming’ commissioners that provide poor care, Ms Wood believes that people need to speak out and pressure organisations that are not doing the right thing.

    On the Driving Up Quality Code website providers and commissioners will publicly sign up the code and tell the site what they are doing to achieve it. There will then be questions put forward to local authorities and clinical commissioning groups that don’t sign up to the code.

    This aims to help good providers become honest, open and accountable whilst getting better at what they do, whilst also highlighting poor providers.

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    September 09, 2013 by Laura Matthews Categories: Disability

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