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    The Association of Directors of Adult Social Services (ADASS) has issued guidance for social workers on how to protect vulnerable adults from financial abuse and scams, Community Care, reports.

    The guidance by the ADASS includes the following:

    • Tips for practitioners on spotting signs of someone who may be responding to scams, how to speak to them and the prevention of further abuse
    • Findings that older and disabled people are often targeted by fraudsters, the average age of a victim is 75 and scams can cost UK consumers up to £10bn a year
    • Warnings that scamming victims can be cumbersome to identify
    • An advice to social workers to take a conventional approach regarding scams
    • A link to an online training session as well as case studies and advice for councillors, local safeguarding boards and health and wellbeing boards

    Vice President of ADASS, Glen Garrod, said:

    “Carers, families and neighbours need to be more aware of abuse, which can see older and disabled people lose their life savings and suffer deteriorating health after falling victim to scam letters, calls or doorstep fraudsters.

    “The guidance we have published in tandem with partners on financial abuse and scams aims to improve safeguarding work for those working in social care. Improved information sharing between health and social care agencies, and robust risk assessments and record keeping will also help to minimise the risk of, and identify potential signs of abuse.”

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    June 16, 2017 by Abimbola Duro-David Categories: Care And Support

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