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    Despite the research suggesting that a minimum price per unit of alcohol could reduce alcohol abuse, the plans may be dropped.

    Conservative ministers are split on the decision, and therefore will have to review the responses to it’s ten week consultation.

     Cold Beer Glass Isolated On WhiteThe plan to introduce a minimum price per unit is expected to help reduce the levels of ill-health and crime due to alcohol abuse.

    Medical professionals support the scheme as research has shown that to set a minimum at 45p per unit could reduce drining by 4.3%, and possibly save 2,000 lives within a decade. Health campaigners are even trying to push it further with a 50p per unit minimum, as it is in Scotland.

    The minimum pricing plan has received continued backing of David Cameron, but may still be dropped.

    There are several cabinet ministers are not backing the plans and therefore the Home Office says it will have to look at the reviews.

    The reason it is not backed by all ministers, including health minister Andrew Lansley, is because it also penalises people who consume alcohol but aren’t problem drinkers, and could lose them votes from this group of people.

    Labour have said a minimum price could only work if it was part of a balanced package of anti-abuse measures.

    Shadow home office minster Diana Johnson said:

    The home secretary and the prime minister said this measure would cut crime and prevent alcohol abuse, what’s changed?

    Some Conservative ministers also say that something needs to be done to tackle problem drinking.


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    March 13, 2013 by Support Solutions Categories: Substance Misuse

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