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    Official figures show that nearly 1,000 Scottish homes have had their benefits capped since the introduction of benefit changes.

    The Department for Work and Pensions has said that the measures have been applied to 977 Scottish Households between April and October this year. However many say that the cap leaves underlying issues for claimants unaddressed, reports the BBC. Sweet Home 2

    The Work and Pensions Secretary, Iain Duncan Smith said: “These figures highlight our commitment to support those who want to work hard and get on and to end benefit dependency. We had to fix the broken welfare system. The benefit cap means claimants no longer receive more in benefits than hard-working households’ average earnings and Universal Credit ensures being in work pays; making the welfare system fair for claimants and the taxpayer that funds it.”

    The benefit cap applies to combined income from the main out-of-work benefits; however there are exemptions for some disability and attendance allowances. Jobcentre Plus teams have been tasked to help capped claimants into work.

    A spokesman for the Scottish Government said: “While the Scottish government supports measures to get people into work and out of poverty, evidence shows that tens of thousands of households are affected by UK welfare reforms, including the bedroom tax. We are also not seeing signs that Westminster actions, like the Work Programme, are helping Scots get back into work.”

    A total of 28,500 UK households had their benefits capped by October this year.

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    December 10, 2013 by Laura Matthews Categories: Benefits

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