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    Here are some ideas of how you can develop a social media strategy to engage users, build communities and so on.


    It is important to reach a position on social media where the community feels comfortable in sharing the content that you post.

    Your content should reflect the trust and integrity your users have for your organisation. It may be difficult to maintain a constant flow of content which is relevant and useful for your users but the persistence is worth it if it boosts your social media presence.

    Flexibility is synonymous with social media. If your organisation wants to seriously engage with your users, communication time must be kept as open as possible as they may not always operate during the exact times that your organisation operates.

    Setting up social media channels where there is a means that allows two-way communication is also very important.

    Open communication with your users is vital as you need to express what your organisation can provide in a clear and concise way. This ensures that your users, old and new, understand your objectives and don’t waste time in requesting your services if there is nothing you can provide for them or if they don’t match the audience that your organisation can help.  

    Having the director of your organisation visible and known to your audience is also important as this legitimises your organisation for everyone. A video or link to their works, discussions, conferences and so on can be enough to show people your genuine activity on social media.

    Social media consists of many tools that enable us to have conversations. There will be conversations that we enjoy, some that we may not, and some will be more engaging than others.

    However, it is essential for your organisation that communication is maintained in any type of conversation. Ignoring criticisms or not acknowledging them is not a good image for your organisation on social media so it’s important to actively take part in the conversations which are critical as well. 

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    This blog post has been written by our sister company The Media Bubble who specialise in social media for the social sector. 

    January 22, 2015 by Shumila Begum Categories: Social Media For The Sector

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