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    Remploy, who provide employment opportunities for disabled people, is to close it’s Glasgow factory with the loss of 46 jobs.Wheelchair

    The company had been negotiating a possible sale of the Springburn site, but said it had been unable to agree a deal with the preferred bidder.

    Dozens of Remploy factories are closing under UK government plans to switch spending to help individual workers.

    In a statement, Remploy said the Springburn site had been earmarked for closure in March after being assessed as “not being commercially viable”.

    The firm said:

    As part of its efforts to avoid compulsory redundancies Remploy sought bids for the Springburn factory as part of the Healthcare business.

    On 18 September Remploy announced that it was in talks with R Link Ltd and we had hoped that as a result of this the factory would remain open and that there would be continuing employment for people on this site.

    R Link has now informed us that despite best efforts by them and Remploy, it has not been possible to agree a sale of the Springburn business.

    The statement said as there were no other viable bidders, the Springburn site would now be closed and all staff remain at risk of redundancy.

    Remploy said it had been advised by R Link that it was in discussions with Haven Social Enterprise about future despatch work of wheelchairs.

    It said R Link had indicated that some Springburn staff “may have the opportunity of applying for jobs that are offered by Haven”.

    Remploy said it would now enter into individual consultation with staff at Springburn.

    Phil Brannon, GMB union official at the Springburn site, said the closure decision was “a disgrace”.

    We were told about this earlier and are absolutely disgusted and horrified.

    The whole process has been an absolute disgrace from the beginning.

    Staff here feel extremely angry. We’ve been deserted by government and betrayed by the company.

    Mr Brannon also questioned why wheelchair assembly and dispatch work at Springburn may be “outsourced” to Haven, as the work could have been completed by staff at Springburn and could have saved some jobs.

    Source: BBC News

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    November 27, 2012 by Support Solutions Categories: Disability

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