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    Issues With Work Capability Assessments By Atos

    George Rolph’s Plight Updated – Hunger Strike Day 24 The case has been brought to the attention of the House of Commons by George Rolph’s MP. Mr Rolph is a disabled man with post-traumatic stress disorder from >>>

    Categories: Benefits

    Disabled Man on Hunger Strike over Benefit Cuts

    A man who had his disability benefits removed is on 15th day of a hunger strike in protest! George Rolph has had his benefits re-instated, but is continuing the strike so people hear his anger at the >>>

    Categories: Benefits

    Bedroom Tax Tenants at Risk of Eviction

    Council's assessments of the welfare cut show that tens of thousands of people in Britain risk being made homeless because of the bedroom tax. After an initial period of lenience, councils start to clamp down on rent >>>

    Categories: Housing And Benefits

    Telehealth Can Give Patients Better Care

    Telehealth is more likely to achieve better and faster health outcomes, and gives patients more responsibility over their health. This encourages better adherence to medication, and a more thorough understanding of their health and the technology used >>>

    Categories: Guidance From Support Solutions

    Calls to Improve Domestic Violence Procedures

    Following the death of Maria Stubbings, her family are calling for more protection for victims of domestic violence. The enquiry in to the case has highlighted errors with the police that could have prevented her death. The >>>

    Categories: Domestic Violence

    Report on Sex in Prisons shows Hidden Area

    The first report from a new commission into sex in prisons shows a hidden area of denial of sexual relationships.  The incidents that have been uncovered show breaches of guidelines, dangerous behaviour left undealt with and no >>>

    Categories: Offenders And Ex-offenders

    Are GPS tags for Dementia Patients barbaric?

    The introduction of GPS tags being attached to dementia patients who regularly go missing has been classed as barbaric by campaigners. It has been introduced by Sussex police for the tags to be attached to older care >>>

    Categories: Adult Services

    Concern Over New Disability Benefit Allowance

    Disability groups have voiced concern about the launch of a new benefit Personal Independence Payment (PIP), and the effect it will have on genuine disabilities. Despite the government insisting it is a fairer method for giving out >>>

    Categories: Benefits

    £800k Funding to get Social Tenants Online!

    Social tenants are going to receive £800,000 funding to help improve their IT skills. Council and housing association landlords are able to bid for the funding as people living in this accommodation make up over a quarter >>>

    Categories: Funding

    Poverty caused by Housing Costs is increasing

    Housing costs rising are increasing rising poverty, particularly in the private sector, so will increased if bedroom tax encourages the move to the private sector due to lack of social housing. The Joseph Rowntree Foundation (JRF) have >>>

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