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    Effects of an ageing population on housing associations in the UK

    A think tank’s new report has shown that the ageing population of the UK could mean that housing associations face an extra £1 billion bill by 2034. It is estimated that there will be over 16 million >>>

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    Homeless people being turned away from shelters

    Nearly 100 homeless people a day being turned away from homeless shelters in Victoria, Australia. According to a government report, an average of 100 people a day are being turned away from Victorian homelessness agencies, The Guardian >>>

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    App for people with mental health concerns

    The HelpWELL App is a free app for iOS platforms, provides an easy way for users to track their mood, anxiety and sleeping patterns. The Students’ Centre of Health, WELLWVU (based at the West Virginia University, USA) >>>

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    Housing Trust deals with tenancy fraud

    Weaver Vale Housing Trust is trying to prevent tenancy fraud by launching its new campaign, Spot the Cheater. It has been using various means to promote the campaign via Facebook, and bus shelter and petrol pump advertising, >>>

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    Council homes involved in trial of new technology

    The trial of a new smart energy system will be carried out in more than 300 Wigan Borough Council homes. The technology has been developed by Japan’s Department of New Energy and Development Organisation (NEDO). They signed >>>

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    Award-winning suicide prevention app helps people to deal with their mental health issues

    A free suicide prevention app called ReliefLink, originally developed in 2013, is now available on Emory iTunes (Emory University, Atlanta, USA). A team led by Nadine Kaslow, an Emory University School of Medicine psychologist, have developed the >>>

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    Government to further reduce the benefit cap

    The Conservative Party has revealed that if it wins the general election in May, it plans to lower the benefit cap by £3,000. In 2012, the coalition government introduced the current £26,000-a-year cap on benefits that households >>>

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    Twitter leads national campaign for compassionate care

    Twitter has made one doctor’s idea transform into a national campaign for compassionate care. #HelloMyNameIs is a social media based campaign created by one doctor, Kate Granger, in order to encourage healthcare professionals to introduce themselves to >>>

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    Homelessness hostel uses psychologists to treat residents in need

    The Waterloo Project, a pioneering homelessness project, funds full-time psychologists to give treatment to residents in hostels based in South London.  It has resulted in a noticeable reduction of the residents’ criminal activity and has improved their >>>

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    Charity registers as social landlord

    Mencap is a charity which provides community housing for people with learning difficulties. It has now registered its housing department as a housing association, Inside Housing reports. The charity set up Golden Lane Housing (GLH) in 1998, >>>

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