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    Value Generation

    Value Generation Value Generation is a term we’ve developed to inform a new way of assessing the impact that services for people with additional needs have. It’s not complicated. The words “Value Generation” aren’t new, the 3 >>>

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    Intensive Housing Management

    Intensive Housing Management Many of you will have heard about Intensive Housing Management, some of you will be working with housing providers that have claimed enhanced Housing Benefit in order to fund Intensive Housing Management services to >>>

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    Funding Supported Housing

    Funding Supported Housing As you may have heard the UK Government announced recently (August 2018) that is has effectively withdrawn the key principles of its 2017 Consultations on the future funding of supported housing. This, we hope, >>>

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    Exempt & Specified Accommodation

    Exempt Accommodation & Specified Accommodation………what's the difference? Michael Patterson believes that much of what has been designated “Specified Accommodation” is actually Exempt Accommodation and that we should reexamine our assumptions. Not doing so might deny us a >>>

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    Are mental health rehabilitation services effective?

    Are mental health rehabilitation services effective? Mark Jones from Park Lodge, Whitchurch Hospital has written an article on mental health rehabilitation and its effectiveness, including references to other sources. In the article below, Mark Jones, who is >>>

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    Child Abuse Search Pop-Up Warnings on Bing

    A pop-up warning has been introduced to Microsoft on its Bing search engine that tells UK internet users that they are searching for illegal child abuse images. The British Association of Social Workers (BASW) and children's charity >>>

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    Social Media Gives Hope To Young Cancer Patient

    Survival rates for teenagers and young adults living with cancer have not improved in almost 30 years. Nevertheless, social media platforms are focusing on young cancer patients. 16 year old, Lauren Scott also known as “Lola” is one of about 70,000 >>>

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    Bedroom Tax Row Affects Dying Cancer Victim In Birmingham

    57 year old Veronica Kenning, a wheelchair-bound mum in Birmingham, dying of cancer of the oesophagus was given a year to live last August and is facing eviction from her council house in a bedroom tax row. She >>>

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    UK Government's Plight To End Online Child Sex Abuse

    An international collaboration between police and internet companies has been proposed to pursue child abusers and those who have viewed images and video online. David Cameron said: “The government plans to “drain the market” of child sexual abuse images online >>>

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    Care Home Top-Up Fees Malpractice Should Stop

    It is very pertinent for the families of those in care homes to make in-depth inquiries about top-up fees before signing contracts, in order to avoid them from incurring substantial bills they may be unable to pay. There is >>>

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