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    “The adult social care system has failed too many people” according to a study by the National Autistic Society.

    Autism photo: autism autism.jpgIt has been three years since the enactment of the Autism Act which came to force in November 2009.

    It sets out a national autism strategy and states the responsiblities of the local authorities, to cater to the needs of people living with autism and particularly to the care of adults who may slip away from benefitting from the act.

    However, the study of over 1000 survey responses from the autistic in England, by the National Autistic Society depicts that…

     “70% believed they are not getting required care and 23% thought social workers had an understanding of autism.”

    Despite this, in alot of communities, proper systems have not been set up to actualise the goal of the act and some situations are left to deteriorate.

    Almost half of the councils have not set up facilities to make their communities benefit from this, as a result, a lot of social workers have not been trained to cater to the autistic.

    “77% of adults with autism still rely on their parents for support.

    …with a little more than 7% complaining of no help at all.”

    This however tends to be expensive.

    The stories of Julia Hipkiss and her 18 year old son Ryan,(Ryan was allocated a social-worker after 2 years of waiting, Julian had to give up her job to look after him) ,

    And Helen (a 49 year old woman from the Midlands who was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome as an adult and cut off social care because she felt she was not supported as required)  proves that prompt improvement is needed in this sector. Read More.




    May 14, 2013 by Abimbola Duro-David Categories: Care Quality

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