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    Basic human rights such as access to shelter, drinking water, sanitation and food are being denied to hundreds of homeless people.

    It is believed that the UK Common Rights Project will say that the conditions of homeless people find themselves in are in contravention of the UN Declaration of Universal Rights at its launch of a country wide campaign.

    A film made by Open Cinema titled ‘UK Common Rights' saw some rough sleepers tell their personal stories about their daily struggle to eat, find washing and toilet facilities alongside a bed for the night, reports 24dash.

    Film participant Paul said: “You wake up in the morning and you think: ‘Now where am I going to go to the toilet? Where am I going to get some water?' It's a constant daily thing. You become so tired by the end of the day just because the basic things are constantly travelling around your mind.”

    The film will be used by UKCRP to generate support for the Common Rights campaign and will call on the UK to honour Article 25 of the UN Declaration of Universal Rights: 'Everyone has the right to a standard living of adequate for the health and wellbeing of himself and his family, including food, clothing, housing (etc).'

    UKCRP is led by Christian campaign group Housing Justice and is developing he campaign to raise public awareness on the importance of the basic rights to food, water, shelter and sanitation.

    Housing Justice chief executive Alison Gelder said: “I believe passionately that the right to shelter underpins everything that Housing Justice does in our work with homeless people. This campaign is an opportunity for Housing Justice to give a voice to the people whose rights are being denied and to make a difference to their lives.”

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    December 19, 2013 by Laura Matthews Categories: Homelessness

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