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    A man who was about to be evicted from his home after struggling to keep up with his rent due to the bedroom tax has been saved by campaigners in Coventry.

    Campaigners from Coventry Against the Bedroom Tax helped Mr Millar stay in his home after falling into rent arrears, after seeing his benefits reduced due to the bedroom tax, reports the Coventry Telegraph.

    Mr Millar lives in a family home which he used to share with his mother, who passed away a few years ago. He used to receive £72 a week in benefits, however due to the bedroom tax is left with just £45.

    John Boadle, the campaign’s organiser has said that Mr Millar tried to move to a smaller property, whoever was unable to as rent arrears meant he was unable to do so.

    Mr Boadle said, “We suddenly got a call from a chap about to be evicted. He’d left it to the last minute to try and avoid the situation. It’s the first time it’s ever come to an eviction. We would be there peacefully to prevent the eviction being accomplished. The police were called but they won’t get involved unless there is the threat of violence or disorder. We had a one hour stand off. There were phone calls between a Whitefriars agent and their head office. There was also some intervention from Dave Nellist – triple combination of a large protest, the media and negotiations.”

    The possession order issued by the court has now been suspended for two months.

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    April 29, 2015 by Laura Matthews Categories: Government And Reforms

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