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    Research has found that the number of days social landlords are taking to re-let empty homes is decreasing with the impact of the bedroom tax. bedroom_tax.png

    Housemark surveyed 178 social landlords and found the average void turn around dropped by two days in 2014/15 compared to the previous year. The equalled the 25.7 days average which was recorded before the bedroom tax came into effect, reports Inside Housing.

    The research found that the amount of rental income lost due to empty properties had fallen year-on-year by £32m to £208.5m according to 148 responses from Landlords.

    Helena Duignan, data analysis manager at Housemark, said: “Landlords have bounced back and put things in place to absorb the impact. Around welfare reform, there was a period of adjustment and it had an impact, but now it’s evened out again.”

    Victor da Cunha, chief executive of Bath-based Curo, said welfare reform had brought reducing empty homes into “sharper focus”

    The overall percentage of social housing stock that is vacant fell from 0.58% in 2013/15 to 0.55% in 2014/15.

    Melanie Rees, policy manager at the Chartered Institute of Housing, said: “Landlords are looking at letting homes to people they didn’t let to before instead of leaving properties empty.”

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    August 24, 2015 by Laura Matthews Categories: Housing And Benefits

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