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    It has been revealed that “Britain’s housing crisis is giving scammers the means to con desperate tenants out of their hard-earned cash”, according to report by the Independent

    The fraudsters have approached people in the following ways:

    • They claim to be from the local council and approach tenants living in overcrowded housing in Tower Hamlets, the capital’s most deprived borough
    • They say, for tenants to be put on a waiting list to be given a non-overcrowded home, they have to sign up to a service- which they say costs £29.99
    • Their notice comes via a leaflet, which has Tower Hamlets Council office address, pictures of homes in the borough, and the name “Tower Hamlets Overcrowding Aid” and
    • They direct people to a website

    Tower Hamlets Council have confirmed that the people selling the scheme have nothing to do with the council, the service does not exist and the website is a scam.

    The Mayor of Tower Hamlets said:

    “We will be working closely with the police to track don those responsible for this scam.

    “Not only are these fraudsters seeking to fleece families out of money they cannot afford, they are raising the hopes of families already living in difficult circumstances.

    “I urge residents to be vigilant and to warn others in their homes and neighbourhoods about this scam. Anyone who has received one of these scam leaflets should contact the council’s trading standards team.

    “The council will do all it can to find those responsible and push for the strongest possible legal action to be taken against them.”

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    For more details, visit the Independent.

    September 01, 2016 by Abimbola Duro-David Categories: Housing And Benefits

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