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    50 areas to share £200m Big Local awards which conclude the 'largest-ever investment in community-led regeneration'.

    The BLF has said that in total it is giving at least £1m each to 150 deprived areas as they have been previously overlooked for funding and investment. 

    Residents, charities and community organisations in the selected deprived areas are asked to form partnerships to decide local priorities and establish a long-term plan to tackle them over the next decade.

    This is the third set of awards fiven out as part of the Big Local awards, and proclaimed to be the largest ever investment in localism as 50 areas are given the final Big Local awards totalling £200m.

    The cash can be spent on various projects to address communities' concerns, such as training and employment schemes, tackling anti-social behaviour and providing more activities for young people. 

    Nat Sloane, chair of BLF England, said:

    This is the National Lottery's largest-ever investment in community-led regeneration.

    This kind of investment is powerful – it goes way beyond annual budgetary cycles of local authorities or the parliamentary terms of well-intentioned governments. It is the kind of investment that is going to help people in these areas achieve lasting, meaningful change for their children and generations to come.

    A list of the 50 new areas can be found on the Big Local website along with the 100 areas already participating in the scheme.



    December 10, 2012 by Support Solutions Categories: Community And Localism

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