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    Birmingham Council has said that they are “not the solution” for homeless households and other local authorities should not move Selfridges, Birmingham, UKfamilies there due to cheaper rents.

    Speaking to Oxford Council a spokesperson for Birmingham Council has said that moving families to the city is “not the solution”.

    The spokesperson said that demand for homes in Birmingham is “also high” and that the council has their own “pressures”, reports Inside Housing.

    “We will not turn our back on vulnerable people, but the simple message for Oxford or any other council looking to relocate people in Birmingham is this: We’re not the solution to your problem. If other councils are moving people to this city, we at least ask that they act responsibly and keep us informed so that we can put adequate support in place,” said the spokesperson.

    The comments have arisen after reports Oxford Council is moving families outside of Oxfordshire due to a rise in private rented sector rents.

    A spokesman for Oxford City Council, says: “We have been voluntarily moving people outside Oxford for the past ten years because of the lack of affordable housing in the city. However, due to people who are reliant on housing benefit being priced out of the local rental market, we have to consider alterative towns and we are now offering households property outside of Oxfordshire.  Five households have so far taken up that offer.”

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    March 17, 2014 by Laura Matthews Categories: Homelessness

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