Older people's support service sees funding boost

  • A £15,000 grant has been given to a support service which provides companions for older people. /images/blog/older_people.png

    The Royal Voluntary Service has been given a grant by the People's Postcode Lottery and hopes to use the money to expand its North Somerset Good Neighbour's Scheme, reports the North Somerset Times.

    The volunteering service sees people offer a telephone befriending service along with home visits to help older people with their daily tasks such as shopping, walking dogs or even just have a drink and a chat.

    Currently 70 people are being supported since it began in 2013 and they hope that another 75 will be helped over the next year.

    The RVS also supports over 100,000 older people across Britain each month stay living independently in their homes for longer.

    Paddy Sterndale is a volunteer and she says: "It is selfish really as it is for me as much as it is for them. Sometimes they just want to stay at home and have a chat but most of the time they want to get out and about as it might be their only chance to do so. We are all going to get old and possibly be in a position like I am when their partner is no longer around. It would be nice to think there are people out there who would give up some of their time for you. In other countries older people get a lot more respect. They have all got interesting pasts."

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