Two-thirds of English households have fallen into arrears due to bedroom tax

  • A survey has found that two thirds of households in England that have been affected by bedroom tax have fallen into rent arrears.

    The National Housing Federation have found that not only have two-thirds of English households fallen into rent arrears since the introduction of the bedroom tax, one in seven families have received eviction risk letters and face losing their homes. /images/risinghouse.jpg

    The NHF have said that its survey shows how the bedroom tax was "heaping misery and hardship" on families who were unable to pay their rent but are unable to find any smaller homes, reports the Guardian.

    The Department for Work and Pensions have said: "We are determined to support those who might need extra help through these necessary reforms. That is why we have tripled the extra funding given to councils this year to £190m - some of which is specifically targeted at disabled people - and have announced that £165m will be available for councils next year to help vulnerable tenants."

    NHF chief executive David Orr said: "From day one we have said the bedroom tax is unfair, unworkable and just bad policy. It's putting severe pressure on thousands of the nation's poorest people and must be repealed."

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