New supported housing service for people needing care after hospital

  • A six month trial period has begun in Cottesmore, Rutland for people leaving hospitals but who still need care and support.

    The service will provide supported accommodation for people who no longer need specialist medical care, but who are no longer able to return home due to changes in their home care needs. It is hoped that this will help reduce the strain placed on hospitals, reports 24dash. /images/careandsupport.jpg

    The supported accommodation is also accessible for people who require suitable accommodation to prevent unnecessary admissions to hospital or care homes. The service is offering support on a temporary basis whilst adaptations are made to homes or until the person has regained the skills needed for them to independent in their own homes again.

    The ‘Stepping Stones' service has been created through a partnership between Rutland County Council, Spire Homes and the East Leicestershire and Rutland Clinical Commissioning group.

    Individuals will be provided with a one bedroom supported flat which can be adapted to their needs for an average of 2-4 weeks. Spire Homes Staff provide housing related support, well-being checks and practical support with domestic duties. The flat is also fitted with our emergency lifeline which is operational 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    Amy Callaway, who is Head of Community Support Services at Spire Homes, said "As we hear more and more about the strain that hospitals are under, we're hoping Stepping Stones will not only free up bed spaces but more importantly, give patients the support they need after coming out of hospital and the right type of accommodation whilst their home is adapted so it suits their needs. Rather than providing care, our staff are focused on building up the confidence and independence of Stepping Stones clients, in partnership with their Social Worker and other professionals involved in their support. By creating a home from home, we can help people adjust to a slightly different way of living, supporting them to maintain their independence and return to their homes."

    Dr. Tim O'Neill, Director for People at Rutland County Council, said: "Rutland has a growing older population and the Council is working closely with partners to make sure we have the right services to meet residents' needs - some of which are increasingly complex. Our REACH team has been set up to help older and disabled people who are ready to be discharged from hospital and, in some cases, prevent people from being admitted in the first place. Stepping Stones builds on this work by helping people who, for whatever reason, cannot return home from hospital straight away. They can now begin their recovery in a specially equipped flat until they can safely return home - improving outcomes for patients and helping to reduce the pressure on our local hospitals."   

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