Anti-homeless protesters head to Downing Street

  • Anti-homelessness protesters are demanding an end to ‘deaths on our streets' and protesting opposite Downing Street.

    Part of March for the Homeless 2015, the protest is linked to international action to raise awareness of the treatment of homeless people in the UK, Ireland and worldwide, reports 24dash. /images/briefing/peoplecircle.jpg

    Organisers said homelessness had risen "by a staggering 55% since David Cameron became prime minister in 2010, with 742 people sleeping rough every night in the capital alone - a 37% increase on 2013".

    Campaigners will be serving food and distributing essential items to people who are homeless along with speakers, music, performances and workshops.

    Organisers said there was "mounting concern that a number of London councils are criminalising homelessness by making rough sleeping illegal under Operation Encompass".

    Pilgrim Tucker, Unite Community coordinator, said: "Unite is proud to support this important day of action. David Cameron's coalition government has inflicted misery on millions and is now guilty of turning a blind eye to the horrendous plight of our society's most vulnerable citizens. Homelessness has risen by a shocking 55% under Cameron's watch. He can run but he can't hide, we are calling on David Cameron and London Mayor Boris Johnson to face up to this national scandal and to end the criminalisation of homelessness."

    Jon Glackin, Street Kitchen coordinator and Unite Community member, said: "People are dying on our streets, in hostels and because of homelessness, last year in London alone at least 149 people tragically died. We will be remembering all those that died and are calling on this government to end this national disgrace. We are coming together to say ‘enough is enough', there is no reason for people to go without adequate housing, food and good health in the 6th richest country in the world. Today we say, there can be no more deaths on our streets."

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