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    Many of you will have heard about Intensive Housing Management, some of you will be working with housing providers that have claimed enhanced Housing Benefit in order to fund Intensive Housing Management services to tenants/licensees with additional needs. This will often be people who live in supported housing and sheltered housing (Exempt Accommodation and Specified Accommodation), but also tenants in so-called "general needs" housing many of whom also have additional needs and need tenancy sustainment services in order to remain independent in their accommodation.

    Support Solutions reintroduced Intensive Housing Management in 2005 as a response to the retrenchment of Supporting People funding. Put simply, Intensive Housing Management is a series of Housing Benefit eligible tasks that go beyond normal housing management functions because some tenants in social housing have greater needs. The Housing Benefit eligible tasks are listed in a Support Solutions Briefing from 2015: Exempt Accommodation, Specified Accommodation & Intensive Housing Managerment.

    When Support Solutions first identified the technical/regulatory basis for enhanced Housing Benefit, which funds Intensive Housing Management in Exempt Accommodation and Specified Accommodation, it was greeted with scepticism and in some cases suspicion. Some people thought it was somehow "dodgy", or that it was too good to be true that there existed (and still exists) a genuine regulatory basis for claiming additional revenue to meet peoples' additional housing needs. History has since shown that not only is Intensive Housing Management a legitimate and proper way to meet otherwise unfunded housing needs but that it has also led to the creation of an annual revenue stream of £2.1bn that would otherwise have been lost to the system.

    The recent UK Government announcement (August 2018) on the future funding of supported housing has confirmed that the additional housing costs of social tenants with additional needs will continue to be met from within the welfare benefits system, i.e. through enhanced Housing Benefit. You can see the detail of this in our recent Briefing New Arrangements for Funding Supported Housing. For Support Solutions and for those supported housing and sheltered housing providers who have gone down the Intensive Housing Management route this is an absolute vindication of this process. For those social providers who have yet to do so we urge you to contact us to help you navigate what is a technically complex process. We have seen an upsurge in interest from providers recently and we have invested in more staff resources to meet this demand.

    You can also visit the Intensive Housing Management page and the Briefing page on our website for more information.

    Michael Patterson August 29th 2018

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