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    Value Generation

    Value Generation is a term we've developed to inform a new way of assessing the impact that services for people with additional needs have. It's not complicated. The words "Value Generation" aren't new, the 3 principles that sit behind those words aren't new either; however, what is new is the intention of Value Generation to change the values (in another seanse) that sit behind the way that...

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    Ten Tips to Engage Residents Online

    1. Be human. Establishing your online voice will enable your organisation to have a distinct online presence. Be a real person and engage with your residents and keep your content regular.2. Trust your staff to engage with your residents. If they can speak to them over the phone and interact face-to-face, they can surely engage with them online too? It is an instant form of communication and will...

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    Telehealth Can Give Patients Better Care

    Telehealth can make use of modern technology to allow patients to manage their conditions at home, reducing the need for primary care and hospital visits, and giving patients much more control over their own health.The equipment can often be expensive, especially in the initial process of setting it up, as well as complicated, but there is much more than can be done with current technologies...

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    Social-Media Interactions for Victims of Domestic Violence

    Very recent statistics from the Guardian indicates that one in six men and one in four women will suffer some kind of domestic abuse during their lifetime. In 2011/2012, domestic violence accounted for 15% of all violent incidents in England and Wales even as only few cases are reported. The Crime Survey of England and Wales identified that 1.2 million women and 800,000 men reported being...

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    Achieving Greater Social Impact

      By Andy Bagley,Real-ImprovementSeveral ways of measuring this impact have been developed over the years, Social Return on Investment being a prominent example. To date however, most studies have focused on community development activities or aspects of personal support, rather than the core business of housing itself.Andy Bagley speaking about SROI at our Annual Conference in November...

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    Problems with Disability Testing

    Last year, Panorama went under cover and found that ATOS testing has been wrongly and unfairly assessing people as fit for work.The programme, aired earlier this week, showed that people are still having troubles with the welfare reforms intending to get people who are fit for work off benefits and back to work.They told the story of Ruth who suffers severe learning disabilities and epilepsy. She...

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    Planning Successful Events for the Social Sector

    It is possible to create a successful event for the Social Sector by keeping it simple and being creative. Choosing your target audience is very important, and as there is a wide range within the social sector it is important that your event topic relates well to the potential attendees.  If you decide to incorporate different aspects into your event e.g. an exhibition or sponsorship ...

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    Exempt Accommodation Criteria and Risks

    Exempt Accommodation: What are the qualifying criteria & what are the risks for agency managed services?Part of qualifying as an Exempt Accommodation scheme involves the service being provided to be by or on behalf of the Landlord.So what is the status of a service being provided to Housing Association tenants by a 3rd party agency commissioned by, say, the local authority? Is that "by or...

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    Latest Developments on Benefit Cap & Direct Payments

    One of the details of the Chancellor of the Exchequer's Autumn Statement that didn't get a mention in the news coverage is paragraph 2.66. It would mean little to most people; however; the words "Housing payments for those in supported exempt accommodation will be disregarded for the purpose of the benefit cap" has great significance for the housing support & social care sector.This will be...

Responding to the DWP Consultation:  Housing Benefit Reform - Supported Housing "Sincere thanks to Michael Patterson for an excellent presentation on the HB Reform issues in Leeds last week, and for all the very helpful info and links. I do intend to respond on behalf of our organisation, Caring For Life, but feel that Support Solutions' response is excellent." E.S. - Caring for Life


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