Trash to treasure scheme

  • Former joiner, Terry Pearce, has created a way of getting people into work by turning trash into treasure.

    Mr Pearce, from Broughton, Salford, is launching a new social enterprise ‘Old to New Furnishings', with the help of a grant from social housing provider Salix Homes. This new enterprise renovates unwanted furniture whilst helping unemployed people learn new skills. Miniature Desk Drawer

    The restored furniture will be sold to the community at an affordable price with any profits being place back into the project to sustain it, reports 24dash.

    Mr Pearce was insipid to launch the not-for-profit business venture after he grew disheartened by the amount of old furniture he saw dumped on the streets of Salford.

    He said: "I always used to see all the old furniture and timber dumped on the streets and thought what a waste it was when it could be recycled and brought back in to use. I thought it'd be a great idea to get a group of volunteers together and teach them how to restore old furniture and create new pieces. It's so hard to find work these days and this is a good skill for people to learn and put on their CV. I'm hoping that if it's successful I'll eventually be able to employ people in the community, especially those that find it most difficult to find work such as the long-term unemployed, the disabled and school leavers."

    To help get the project off the ground, Mr Pearce received a £1,000 boost from Salix Homes through its ‘Your Salix, Your Say' fund. This fund provides grants to worthwhile community projects.

    Mr Pearce has used the funding to purchase new tools and materials and is currently inviting volunteers who wish to learn new skills to join him.

    Jackie Crook, community involvement and new initiatives manager at Salix Homes, said: "One person's junk is another person's treasure and it's always a shame to see items of furniture sent to landfill when they could be re-used by a family in need. We were thrilled to support the Old to New Furnishings group through our ‘Your Salix, Your Say' fund and we hope this excellent project will go some way towards reducing the amount of furniture dumped on the streets of Salford and encouraging people to recycle, while teaching new and creative skills to local people who are perhaps struggling to find work."

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