Social Media to support people suffering with their mental health

  • Social media as a cost effective way to support people suffering with their mental health

    Mental health services in the UK are continuously expressing how difficult it is for them to support all of the people in the UK who have mental health problems.

    /images/blog/schizophrenia.pngMany services are not receiving the funding they need to provide support to those who need it. However, one solution could be the use of social media to provide support to some who are in need of it.

    For many suffering with their mental health, what they really need is someone to talk to. Technologies such as mobile phones and laptops provide users with easy access for people to talk to. Rather than spending money on transport to appointments and time spent getting there and back, sessions could happen over the phone or via Skype. It could also reduce the waiting period between appointments.  

    Research has already shown that SMS and voice-calls can be used to help assess people's mental health status, the delivery of talking therapies and stimulate behavioural change, reports the Guardian.

    There are also many apps and online forums which allows users to find support and manage their mental health problems for little or no cost. If these people could feel more in control of their mental health via these social media mediums, then there will be more time for people's whose mental health issues need more intense care.

    Through our sister company, The Media Bubble, we've recently discussed different apps that can help people with an array of mental health problems. People suffering from Bipolar could benefit from an app that monitors changes in their voice; a site that helps people with depression speak to like-minded people; social media help for sufferers of Social Anxiety Disorder and many more.

    Whilst social media communication is not going to end the on-going crisis for mental health services in the UK, it is something organisations should consider.

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