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    It is important to understand the power behind social media and the potential it has to make or break your organisation.

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    There are many things that could be done to boost and improve your social media recognition. 

    A new report from Source sets out to help not-for-profits (NFPs), giving them intuition into what other organisations are doing and recommending different approaches in which they can improve their own. Reports Charity Digital News.

    Social media has held a major influence into helping charity campaigns into the spotlight such as the Ice Bucket Challenge, Movember, #nomakeupselfie and many others. These campaigns have made way for significant donations and have raised awareness across the globe. This is just one aspect of how NFP’s can be making good use of social media.

    The Social Media and Not-for-Profits report offers results of a recent survey carried out amongst NFP organisations about social media, how it is being used, what platforms are being used and the impact it is having on their actions. The results have shown the positive impact that social media poses on fundraising and donor recruitment for 96% of these organisations. However, shortages of internal resources and a lack of funds have led NFPs keen on doing more with their social media platforms.

    The results show that social media is having a positive impact on fundraising and donor recruitment for 96% of these organisations. However, despite this, lack of funds and internal resource are leaving NFPs wanting to do more with social media.

    Furthermore, the report offers valuable advice to NFP organisations by combining the results of the survey with practical advice from industry experts to suggest different strategies and approaches to using and maintaining their social media. This could be in terms of understanding audiences, collecting and using data, getting their channel mix right and so on, for a general social media strategy boost. 

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    This blog post has been written by our sister company The Media Bubble who specialise in social media for the social sector.

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