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    National Statement of Expectations

    Introduction The National Statement of Expectations for Supported Housing (NSE) was finally published on 20 October 2020, five years after the 2015 Comprehensive Spending Review suggested regulatory and oversight changes were needed, although in 2018 the government >>>


    Managing the Covid 19 Pandemic for Landlords & Providers of Social & Supported Housing

    Summary This Briefing seeks to provide information about Covid 19 to landlords and providers of social and supported housing. It identifies “at risk” groups, explains why people are at risk and sets out (and adds to) the >>>

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    Supported Housing Manifesto

    Introduction You won’t have had a Briefing for a while. But non-Brexit policy agendas have climbed up the UK and national governments’ agendas as a consequence of the forthcoming General Election. We thought it would be useful >>>

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    Housing proactive and value generation

    Housing Proactive Plus: A Case Study in Value Generation for Supported Housing We take the view that Value Generation principles should apply to the administration of public money, including the funding and commissioning of supported housing. Similarly, >>>

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    Supported Housing Funding

    Capital & Revenue Funding for Supported Housing The purpose of this Briefing is to tell you about the availability of capital and revenue funding for new supported housing services for the many people with additional needs who >>>

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    funding for supported housing

    New Arrangements for Funding Supported Housing Introduction The UK Government document “Funding for Supported Housing: Government Response To 2 Consultations” has been well received within the sector, with good reason. However, it is only as good as >>>

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    Supported Housing

    Moving Supported Housing Forward: the unfinished business of “Funding Supported Housing” This Briefing intends to update you on the UK Government’s very brief Interim Response to the “Funding Supported Housing” Consultation submissions made by many of you >>>

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    Funding Supported Housing Consultation

    Responding to the “Funding Supported Housing” Consultations: Issues and Principles Introduction The Policy Statement and ConsultationsĀ produced by the UK Government were published in October 2017. We have undertaken a series of 15 events across England (to which >>>

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    Funding Supported Housing

    Funding Supported Housing Policy Statements and Consultations Government Summary Response to the Select Committee Report: Future of supported housing: government response to the Select Committee report Policy Statement & Consultations: Funding supported housing: policy statement and consultations >>>

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    What is Supported Housing?

    Context The purpose of this Briefing is to seek to redefine what we mean by ā€˜Supported Housing’ in the context of a crisis in health and social care and in the wider context of the reorganisation of >>>

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