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    The Support Solutions Housing Support and Social Care Briefing: Issue 12

    Welcome to issue 12 of the Briefing. The publication for people involved in providing and commissioning housing support & social care services¬† for vulnerable people. Our theme for Issue 12 is “Paradigm Shift & how to respond”.

    Public sector funding restraints are having a significant impact, not just on resources for the services we provide and commission, but also on the arrangements for commissioning, funding, developing and managing services for vulnerable people. UK Government policy will impact most directly in England. Without the existence of an English Government, English local authorities and statutory sector agencies are less able to to condition the impact of UK Government policy at local level. In Scotland, Wales and Northern ireland devolved Governments are responsible for health and social care amongst other things; however, public sector economic retrenchment affects the UK as a whole. Whilst public sector infrastructure may be better preserved within devolved administrations than is the case in England the implications of reduced funding are universal and the themes in these briefing articles have wide application across the UK, although they may may vary by degree.

    Welfare and Housing Benefit are not (yet) devolved powers so the impact of UK Government policy in these areas will be more directly felt within all of the constituent nations of the UK.

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    We have a wide selection of articles which should appeal to Providers and Commissioners who need strategic understanding and clarity of response. There is no charge for this & we hope you find them to be of interest.

    January 27, 2012 by Ayesha Choudhrey Categories: Issue 12

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