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    Hoarding: What Lies Beneath it All?

    Hoarding: What Really Lies Beneath All of This? Heather Matuozzo Delves Deep Heather Matuozzo has formed Clouds End – a Community Interest Company to help hoarders. Here we look at the background to this problem and hear >>>

    Categories: Issue 10

    Revenue: Strategies for Providers of Housing Support & Social Care

    It is important to make the point now that this article is of relevance to not for profit organisations which provide, or have a legal interest in, housing for people who are deemed to be vulnerable within >>>

    Categories: Issue 10

    Revenue: There May be Trouble Ahead

    Michael Patterson Looks at the Implications of Public Expenditure Cuts & the Personal Care at Home Bill People have been very concerned in the past year or two about the loss of the Supporting People ringfence and >>>

    Categories: Issue 10

    The Evolution of the Personalisation Agenda

    The Evolution of Personalisation: Michael Patterson Looks at How & Why Ideas Change During the Journey from Inception to Implementation The Evolution of Personalisation The Big Idea When central government has a social policy idea it will >>>

    Categories: Issue 10