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    The NHF appointed an Ipsos Mori survey from which results found that 80% of 1,997 adults interviewed believed that social housing should be an easy accessible option for when private rent prices became too high. For Rent Sign 2

    All adults were above 16 and interviews during the period 24/10/14 – 02/11/14. It was also shown that 58% of the British public would support more council and housing association homes being built in their local area. Also, research from the recent Housing Day has shown that 67% thought that social housing plays a large part in tackling poverty.

    The NHF concluded that the survey emphasised the large number of people wanting social housing to remain an option for those on lower incomes unable to afford private rents than only for vulnerable people.

    The Director of policy and external affairs at the NHF stated: “Everyone needs a decent home they can afford to live in and we should be proud of our country’s social housing that provides just that for millions of people across the country”.

    It was also noted by the Director that after many governments have failed to build affordable homes desperately needed, Britain is currently amidst a housing crisis. The solution only lies in having the ‘right homes in the right places at a price that people can actually afford’.

    Numerous housing organisations were preparing themselves for Housing Day by producing videos in promotion and advertisement of their work, such as landlords Knightstone and Southwark Council.

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    December 05, 2014 by Shumila Begum Categories: Housing And Benefits

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