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    A reminder has been issued by the Department for Work and Pensions that they have joined forces with the Money Advice Service and local authorities for budgeting support for people who need it. Coins

    The DWP have said: “Universal credit will replace the complex myriad of means-tested benefits and make three million households better off. It will be simpler for people to navigate and harder for people to defraud, but most importantly it will make work pay.”

    The DWP has said that it acknowledges most people can manage their money effectively, but for some putting a monthly household budget together could be a new experience for some and some may not have had the responsibility for paying their own rent before.

    “Ensuring a smooth transition into work is a key part of universal credit and forms part of our long-term plan. By managing a monthly budget while out of work, claimants will be much more able to manage their money effectively when they move into employment,” the DWP said.

    Free money advice will be offered to everyone who needs it and people who are signposted to organisations providing further help and guidance, which includes online tools to help people budget and plan effectively.

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    August 01, 2014 by Laura Matthews Categories: Universal Credit

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