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    A Home Office fraud awareness campaign that aims to prevent older people becoming victims of doorstep, telephone and online scams is receiving the support from Plymouth police.

    Through the ‘Spot It, Stop It’ campaign, which is funded by the Home Office, awareness is being raised surrounding the numerous scams that older people may fall victim too.

    In Devon and Cornwall last year there were 8,600 reports of fraud and a loss of around £9m, with the average age of victims usually between 61 and 90, reports the Plymouth Herald.

    In this new campaign it is hope that by raising awareness of the types of tactics fraudsters use and by providing advice on how people can prevent, the number of people affected will be dramatically reduced.

    Detective Chief Inspector John Shuttleworth, of Devon and Cornwall Police, said: “The over 60s are particularly vulnerable to this type of crime so we welcome the Home Office’s efforts in raising awareness of fraud in this region. Often elderly victims are unwittingly defrauded of their entire life savings being left distraught and traumatised in many cases. Because of the nature of the fraud and the vulnerable victims involved it is believed this offence is currently under-reported, therefore we would urge the public to come forward and tell us if they have been contacted by fraudsters.”

    Home Office and police advice around this type of fraud is:

    Spot it:

    •Don’t feel pressured into making on the spot decisions

    •Check people are who they say they are

    Stop it:

    •Don’t share your personal information

    •Report any call or contact you are concerned about.

    Report fraud to 0300 123 2040 /

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    March 04, 2015 by Laura Matthews Categories: Older People

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