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    A woman in Somerset, with the support of a care home, has come up with an idea to help people with dementia.

    Julie Line, of Tytherington, has joined forces with Critchill Court Nursing and Residential Home, in Lynwood Close, to design and convert one of the lounges into a 1950s themed room, which she hopes will help residents with dementia, including her mother Ann Belchamber.

    She is also being supported in the project by her brother John and his 11-year-old son, Robbie, who are fundraising from where they live in Australia.

    Mrs Line said:

    I saw on television that a care home in Bristol had built a 1950s street in its back garden and it had stimulated dementia sufferers.

    So I wondered what we could do at Critchill Court and after a discussion with the home manager, Sue Steeds, we came up with the 1950s room.

    Sufferers of dementia often revert back to their early years and we hope that this room will help them feel comfortable and for us to get a little more of them back.

    Mrs Line’s nephew Robbie is getting involved in the fundraising in Australia by asking his school to hold a dress down day to help with the project and her brother John has given a significant donation to get the ball rolling.

    She hopes that Frome’s vintage businesses and creative industries will come forward to help create the room.

    Mrs Line said:

    I hope that people will come forward to donate furniture and other memorabilia towards the room.

    My mother used to spend six months a year with us and the other six months in Australia, but once she was diagnosed five or six years ago and moved into Critchill Court nearly three years ago, she has been unable to travel.

    The work the home does is fantastic and we, as a family, want to give something back.

    We will be having lots of events here to raise money as memorabilia from the 1950s costs a lot.

    Mrs Steeds said the room will enhance wellbeing and take residents to a good place.

    Source: Somerset Standard




    October 25, 2012 by Support Solutions Categories: Mental Health

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