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Contact us now to discuss your requirements has a care home recommendations service where residents and their relatives can write positive reviews on care homes.

    It makes a welcome change to all the negatives we hear about care homes, and also is helpful to those looking to receive care for where would suit their needs best.

    However, they have found that in spite of good reviews being left, there is a feeling of negativity towards being in a care home, and people express guilt and pain at moving their relative to a home.

    This is mostly due to the negative image that care homes have, mostly from the bad press they receive when something negative is discovered in a care home, and this can leave a general misconception about what a care home gives, but more so what it takes away from its residents, such as their independence.

    Ms Ludlow, director of, said:

    There is still a common misconception about care homes. Many feel that by placing their loved one in residential care they will be taking away their independence. In reality the opposite is the case. Elderly people can easily become prisoners in their own homes.

    By taking away the difficulties of modern life elderly people have an opportunity to gain their independence back. They once again have the option to make choices.

    To read the positive reviews left by happy residents visit

    Focusing on the positives can help us change the negative image and fear of aging or moving into a home, and also encourage the level care to improve by highlighting positives!





    November 08, 2012 by Support Solutions Categories: Older People

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