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    Christmas may represent many different things to you and hold different meanings to you depending on your memories and experiences. Christmas Planet

    It is a unique month to the rest of the year as some of us will find ourselves gazing in awe at the glistening lights and festivities in the city, some of us will be slowly ticking off our never-ending shopping lists, but many of us will be trying to give our friends and family that very special Christmas. Whilst we may plan feasts with our loved ones, there is a large proportion of our communities who simply cannot indulge in these pleasures.

    Caring at Christmas is a shelter that provides homeless people accommodation in Bristol over the Christmas period, opening from 24th December at 3pm until New Year’s Day. Caring at Christmas jointly works with other charities to tackle homelessness and the hardships it imposes on a wide variety of people.

    It is estimated that over 10,000 people sleep on the streets, nooks and crannies of the UK, with an additional 100,000 people under temporary accommodation. This Christmas, do something a little different and reach out to these strangers. It may not be such a cold night after all…Merry Christmas.

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    December 03, 2014 by Shumila Begum Categories: Charity News

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