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    In a bid to reduce £75m from the local authority’s budget in the next three years, new changes have been proposed to care services.

    With an ageing population, an increased use of council services and continued funding cuts, Gloucestershire County Council have been thinking of ways they can save money after losing £114m since 2010, reports The Gloucester Citizen. Budget Cuts

    A framework has been developed to see where savings could be potentially made. A key focus for the councils is to get people more independent, so that they do not rely so much on council services.

    These plans include helping people with disabilities and young people find jobs and accommodation, whilst shifting investment from support to intervention to give people with vulnerabilities more independence.

    The cabinet, which approved the draft strategy today, also wants to make more use of community-based care rather than residential or nursing care as well as review its public health and mental health contracts to reduce social care dependence.

    Leader of the council, Cllr Mark Hawthorne said they had received great feedback from the public in the consultation. Many of the measures we are taking here are to do with how we create a small council but keep our services to meet our strategy.”

    However leader of the Liberal Democrats, Cllr Jeremy Hilton, said the first consultation was “flawed” and “full of leading questions”.

    “I have no confidence in the proposed second consultation. Cllr Hawthorne refuses to announce the cuts he plans. His secret list remains in his pocket. There is absolutely no point in consulting again without publishing the financial implications this will have on all service areas and the impact this will have on residents of Gloucestershire.”

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    October 24, 2014 by Laura Matthews Categories: Government And Reforms

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