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    There have been changes to blue parking badges that introduced allow parking officials to inspect and also confiscate Blue Badges that are being misused.

    Changes to Blue Badges began on the 8th of October and affects numerous aspects.

    1)  The inspection and seizure of badges by local authorities. Until the changes constables or enforcement officers were able to inspect badges however only police could seize badges. However the new changes will enable enforcement officers to inspect and retain a badge without police presence.

    2) The cancellation of badges by local authorities, in certain circumstances. The changes allow the local authority to cancel a badge if the holder notifies it as lost or stolen. The local authority will also be able to cancel a badge, once notifying the holder, if it becomes apparent that the holder is no longer in possession of the badge.

    3) Using a badge that is no longer valid and its offence. Wrongful use of a badge can include the display of a badge that should have been returned or has been cancelled.

    4) The law that relates to one badge per person. The scheme has always worked on a one badge per person basis, and the badge may be used in any vehicle in any local authority area. These provisions apply to badges across the whole of the UK.

    For more information you can read the full article by the DFT here.

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    October 25, 2013 by Laura Matthews Categories: Disability

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