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    A leading rights group has warned the government that their efforts to resolve the homelessness and housing crisis are nowhere near what is needed. house_arrow.jpg

    Social Justice Ireland is calling for a new funding system that will meet the demand and reveal that only 20 council homes for families have been completed within the first three months of this year, reports the Belfast Telegraph.

    They have said that charities are making up part of the shortfall with 117 houses and apartments finished in the same period.

    Director Dr Sean Healy hit out at the Government’s priorities.

    “We are focusing far too much on the performance of the economy and not nearly enough on issues such as ageing, social housing and sustainability, that have major implications for the well-being of individuals and society as a whole. A balance is required between the various aspects of life if the well-being of this and future generations is to be secured.”

    Social Justice Ireland said that although Ireland has a young population by European standards, by 2031 almost one million people in Ireland will be over 65 with 136,000 being over 85.

    Michelle Murphy, Social Justice Ireland research and policy analyst, said: ” Whilst we are, as people, living longer, which is a positive, we are not planning in advance as to how we are going to look after each other when we get to old age. We need to plan now for such events. It is not as if this might happen in the future, it is already happening. This level of population ageing will be associated with higher levels of disability and long-term ill-health, and this requires planning and investment.”

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    September 01, 2015 by Laura Matthews Categories: Homelessness

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