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    Report shows that charities are missing out on £665 million of donations by not engaging enough with social media and public sharing.

    These donations would come from engaging with supporters and explaining to them on a personal level how their donations would be used.

     The report by New Philanthropy Capital found that if charities provided more of this type of information to possible donators, 20% of mainstream donors and 34% of high-income donors would increase their overall giving. Hand On Keyboard

    They found from surveys, interviews and focus groups that charities could increase total giving by 11% by using digital channels such as social media, and online content and video sharing.

    The report shows the figures for what the sector already know; that charities underuse these methods and it is costing them in keeping up to date with the current climate, and this is reflected in falls in donations from new generations.

    The loss is exaggerated by the current climate, resulting in less disposable income and a huge fall in donations; the Charities Aid Foundation found there was a 20% fall in donations last year, and shows an even greater need for charities to attract new donations, as well as encourage larger donations from present donors.

    Social media is a great way for charities to stay relevant, and modernise perceptions of the brand and of donating. It has also introduced a very personal aspect of information, as an easy and free way to pass on where the donations are being used, as well as current problems and future areas that donations are required so potential donors know where the money will go.

    The nature of giving money to charities has changed, partly due to people having less money available in the current climate, and the personal touch is becoming an important way to attract people.

    Sharing Content

    Social media is also a very easy way to pass on the message of the organisation. Charities are missing out on the viral nature of sharing content online, and the reach of people it can get to through social media.

     By getting content passed on in this way, the brand and purpose of the company will be passed along with it. Even if it is just an image that gets shared on a social network, the company will get shared with it – but make sure your company branding is clear!

    This area is particularly easy for charities to tap in to as the message from a charity is usually one that people want to share as their own, and will often touch their hearts or at least their politics. Even when the main focus of the charity is not one that is usually shared, there is always a sideline issue that most people can relate to.

    Content will often get shared on social media without referring to the companies brand or message, but if that is there too then the brand gets passed on. It is best to ensure the brand is visible so the message does not get lost.

    YouTube is a great way for charities to show possible donors a personal side to the donations, such as things that have been done with the money donated, and places that still need the money which would be where their donation would go.

    It is also a target audience that are more likely to donate to charities, as 68% of you tube users donate to charity. They have a specific programme for donating to charity, where you can view the charity’s video on Youtube, and donate directly from the page called the YouTube Nonprofit Programme.


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    April 03, 2013 by Louise Byrne Categories: Social Media For The Sector

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