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    Charities have said that Wales is “setting an example for the rest of the UK” however it fears new laws on renting could hinder the progress. house_arrow.jpg

    A joint report by Crisis and the Joseph Rowntree Foundation has praised Welsh laws that are trying to address the issues of homelessness, reports the BBC.

    However they warn that the removal of six-month tenancy protection in a new Wales bill could undo the hard work. The Welsh government have said that the measure will help homelessness due to its more flexible rental market.

    The report shows that the number of households presented as homeless in Wales is at a record low.

    Chief executive of Crisis, Jon Sparkes has said: “Too often, people facing homelessness, particularly in England, are turned away from help by their council because there’s no legal duty for their homelessness to be prevented. By enacting the Housing (Wales) Act 2014, the Welsh government has set an example to the rest of the UK. This legislation means that Welsh councils must now offer real support to anyone facing homelessness.”

    Head of the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, Julia Unwin, has said: “We’re concerned about the growing number of people in Wales who rent their home privately face having even less security,” following the new legislation.

    An official from the Welsh government has said: “Providing greater flexibility to rent for a shorter period of time will encourage private landlords to rent to those they see as high risk, such as people with poor renting histories. This will help tenants avoid being driven towards bad-quality housing, rogue landlords and homelessness.”

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    August 11, 2015 by Laura Matthews Categories: Homelessness

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