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    Trident Reach the People Charity, based in the Midlands, has launched a campaign to improve the health and wellbeing of homeless people and social housing tenants.

    This charity provides housing and support for vulnerable people, supporting them to live independently through residential schemes and work within the community. The focal point of their work is health and wellbeing.

    As part of a national campaign, Trident Reach will be raising awareness and promoting healthy food and lifestyles, 24dash reports. It recently won the UK ‘Engaging Social Landlords in Healthy Eating’ grant.

    The charity has also been awarded £24,962 by Public Health England to deliver a programme of sessions for social housing tenants and their communities in the West Midlands and Derbyshire. 

    These workshops will take place at the Washington Court which is Trident Reach’s leading supported accommodation service for homeless people in Birmingham. Other sessions will be based at the Chrysanthemum Court, the charity’s supported housing scheme for young people in Swadlincote.

    The ‘Wheel of Healthy Behaviours’ initiative which began this month (January) consists of two six-week courses of activities including interactive workshops, diet and nutritional advice, and tips on cooking healthy meals within a budget.

    Cooking demonstrations will take place for learners to get involved in and filmed and shared on the charity’s virtual TV channel. There were will also be a meal created by the students for their local community.

    Councillor John Cotton, Birmingham City Council’s Cabinet Member for Health and Wellbeing, announced that the city was signing up for the St Mungo’s Broadway Charter for Homeless Health – A Future Now.

    This is what prompted the charity to create a new project, as they support the charter which shows how homeless services, health agencies and local authorities can work together to improve the general health of homeless people.

    Anthony McCool, Charity Lead at Trident Reach the People Charity stated, “Health and wellbeing is an important issue within the homeless community, and we wholeheartedly support this national drive to tackle the issue”.

    The charter brought to attention that in this year’s Homeless Link report, it was revealed that the average age of death for homeless men is 47 and 43 for women, in comparison to 77 for the general population.

    73% of homeless people reported a physical health problem, 80% reported a mental health issue and 35% have said that they have been to A&E in the past six months.

    Consequently, the charter has called for organisations to work together to make it easier for homeless people to gain access to health care.  

    Trident Reach Grants Manager, Jane Strand stated, “Homeless people are significantly disadvantaged in terms of their health and wellbeing, and often face many barriers to accessing the care they need.

     “At Trident Reach, we remain committed to improving health and wellbeing opportunities for homeless people and our other customers, thereby enhancing people’s lives in a variety of ways.”

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